The First Real

Passive Income Token

Born a meme, transformed to bring passive income. Dogematic strives not only to be a lucrative investment but to make the crypto world safer by delivering a Rug Pull Insurance (STRG) that reimburses scam victims.


Passive Rewards


The Passive Income Machine that works while you sleep

The term “passive income” is thrown around abundantly in the DeFi world. Until now tokens have relied on reflections that are generated by the corresponding trading volume. Traditionally if the volume or the price of a token dies, the reflections become pretty much worthless as well.It is time for something new. $SOON is set to be the first real PASSIVE INCOME token. Investors will be able to freeze their $SOON tokens in 3 tiers for up to 6 months. By doing so, they’re becoming eligible for a corresponding share of our passive income funds, that is distributed semiweekly in BNB.

What is Dogematic?

The Dogematic Project is made up of two seperate tokens that operate on different blockchains: $SOON on BSC and $DM on Polygon.

Binance Smart Chain

Dogematic $SOON launched on BSC
on August 21st 2021.
6% fees on all transactions
3% Buyback / Passive Income Fund + 1% STRG Fund + 0.5% Burn + 0.5% Special Fund + 1% Auto LP


Dogematic $DM launched on Polygon on May 15th 2021.

5% Fees on all transactions
5% Auto LP

What is Dogematic about?

Save The Rugged Guys (STRG)

With so many rug pulls and failed projects happening all over the crypto space, Dogematic started a new initiative that has never been here before: Save The Rugged Guys (STRG). It aims to reimburse investors that got rug pulled, rebuilding their confidence and helping cover the loss. In First, successfully launched and battle-tested on Polygon network, now ready to spread on Binance Smart Chain.

Brought to You by the Dev of SwapMatic and BlockchainWorld

With a powerful online community already behind it, this project is geared up to reveal great potential. The DOGEMATIC team unites highly dedicated and experienced talents with tech and marketing background who have the ambition to create a impactful and long-lasting project that cares for the crypto investors.

$DM and $SOON are our respective tokens on Polygon and BSC. With our specially created bridge, swapping $DM (Polygon) and $SOON (BSC) will be made seamless, uniting the communities of two networks in the fight against the scams.


Phase 1

Develop Plan & Vision

Develop Website

Develop Smart Contract

Private & Public Presale

Launch $DM on QuickSwap

Introduce STRG Project

Phase 2

Host 1st STRG Round

Launch $SOON on PancakeSwap

Campaign for BSC Investors

Coingecko & CoinMarketCap Listing

Phase 3

Host 2nd STRG Round

Announce the Passive Income Fund

Exchange Listings

Charity Project Fund

Launch Seal of Trust for Polygon and BSC Projects

Launch Launch Payment Gateway for Online Shops

Major Partnerships

More To Be Announced

Meet the Team


Co-Founder | CEO

John Turner

Co-Founder | CTO

Teemu Lehtonen


Pat (CEO of PolyDoge)

Advisor | Influencer Marketing

Richard Ganetsang Matlapeng

Community Management


Marketing & Design